Saturday, May 9, 2009

What Is HS Seniors & More?

This sampling of photographs taken from some High School Seniors Sets I have found on line will give you a clue. :D
Simply put, my blog features pictures I have found online of girls, often High School Seniors, but sometimes they might be bridal pictures, maternity pictures, simple portraits... but they share a common thread, and that is that the models will all be proudly barefoot. (For the sake of photography, certain pictures of flip flops or sandals will qualify, though normally I do not consider that truly barefoot. :D )
Though to some this is a purely sexual context, I prefer this style of photography because it brings a kind of sexual innocence to the models. There is something mildly provocative and yet wonderfully pure about a barefoot woman and these web-finds promote that.
You will not find underage kiddie stuff here. Though I do not consider this blog to be a sexual-in-nature blog, I still understand that some people might view this for only one reason, and therefore I will not bring those I know to be underage to this blog. Also, if you happen to be the owner of one of these photos and do not wish us to share your work, simply drop me a note with proof that you are indeed the owner of the questionable photograph and I will gladly remove it on my next update.
Due to job constraints, I might only be able to update once or twice a week, so please bear with me. If you are like me and like pictures of women who are barefoot, I think this is a place you will want to visit on a regular basis. :D

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